Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Belated Samhain?

Sorry I haven't written in a while! I've had a lot going on lately, and I've completely neglected Seven Roads... Sorry!
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I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain! I know mine was great, and now I can't wait for Yule!

Anyways, I wrote a poem just before Samhain, and I suddenly realized that Seven Roads would be a great place to share it!

Well, here goes nothing...

I've titled "Samhain" ...y'know, short and sweet.

The sun goes down
And lights explode
Faeries and demons
Don't you know
It's Samhain, Halloween
Night of the dead
The veil
Between the worlds
It shrinks, it thins
It disappears
Spirits, creatures
Living and the dead
Coming out
Coming together
As one
From one world
In one place, one time
One dance, one ball
Masquerading to and fro
Samhain, Halloween
Darkness is the light
Faeries dancing
Making it bright
Dreams coming true
Praying, too
That never may it end
Dancing, playing
Red leaves, golden hair
Pointed ears, green leaves
Intertwined, never ending
Falling, rising
Samhain, Halloween
Night of the living
Night of the dead

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kan'Nal: Performing 'Animal Angel'

Kan'Nal identifies themselves as a 'tribal psychidelic rock group'. Their music brings to life the primitive side of humanity.

"Kan'Nal is an authentic Rock & Roll band. Formed through natural evolution across 4 countries, 6 years, and 10's of thousands of miles traveled. The sound is rock & roll infused with a primal tribal core. Tribal Psychedelic Rock."

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memoriam

Today is the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. I just wanted to take a moment to remember the tragedy of the event.
Ever since September 11, 2001, most people have become so used to living in a world full of fear. I hate to think that that is what the world has been reduced to. Whatever happened to happiness, security and peace? Is fear what we strive for? I certainly hope not!

I remember where I was when I first heard about the attacks. I was standing in a hallway outside the library of my school, with the rest of my second grade class and our teacher. We were headed to pick out a couple books and have the librarian read a story or two to us. I remember feeling like that was so horrible and wishing that my mom would pick me up from school, but it didn't really register what had happened until I got home and my mom explained it to me.
Something I CAN laugh about now... My mom said she wanted to pick my up early from school, but the attacks weren't THAT bad. She said that if someone had tried to hurt then-President George W. Bush, then she would have come to get me.

I challenge you, remember a moment, where were you when you found out about the 9/11 attacks? Will you share? I'm curious..

Oh, by the way, I am quite joyous along with my sadness, because today is my grandmother's birthday! I'm sure she won't end up reading this, but... Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What We See...

Faeries, by Doug Beekman

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Faery stars sure are beautiful... And so symbolic...

Diana, Queen of the Faeries

So… sometimes I really want to write something. Or there’s something that I really think you should know. And… sometimes… I don’t know how to say it. So there’s this cool thing called “copying from another source then citing the source so you don’t get sued”! That’s what I’m going to do… All about the Roman goddess of the Moon, AND Queen of the Faeries… Diana!
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The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Fairies by Anna Frankin (copyright 2002) says this on the topic of Diana:
“DIANA is the Queen of the Fairies in Italian folklore. She is directly related to the Roman maiden goddess of the MOON and hund, armed with a crescent moon bow and ARROWS, and the Graeco-Thracian ARTEMIS, a personification of virgin Nature. Roaming through the moonlit wilds, followed by her dancing nymph disciples, some say it is possible that the goddess Diana is the origin of the whole idea of a fairy queen and her attendants.
“Late Roman sources and the inquisitors of the Middle Ages described her as the leader of the WITCHES. Leland argued that the ordinary people – especially the outcasts and the oppressed – clung on to the worship of Diana well into the Christian era, and that this developed into the doctrines of the Italian witches. Diana was described as the protectress of the ‘minions of the moon’: thieves, harlots, witches and the ungodly.
“One story that Leland recorded describes how the fairies, called the children of Diana, are born: Diana made all things, the stars in the firmament, and the men and women, as well as GIANTS and DWARFS. One night a poor young man sat in a lonely place and was amazed to see thousands of shining white fairies, dancing in the moonlight. He exclaimed that he would love to be like them, free from care and the need for food. What on earth were they? They replied that they were moonbeams:
’We are children of the Moon,
We are born of shining light;
When the Moon shoots forth a ray,
Then it takes a fairy’s form.’
“The fairies told him that he was already one of them, since he was born when the moon, their mother Diana, was full. As such, he was favored – if he should turn over the silver in his pocket once a month it would be doubled.”
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Like I said before, this can all be found on pages 65→66 of the paperback version of The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin (copyright 2002).
Blessed be!

Friday, September 4, 2009


How long does it take for Faery wings to grow? How long before they can actually fly?
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Well, those are my questions for the day. Do you have any ideas? Please, let me know!

If I Was Six Inches Tall...

This is a journal I wrote for school in 9th grade. It has a LITTLE bit to do with faeries, so I thought I'd post it.
Blessed be!
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(journal topic supplied by

If I was only six inches tall, life would probably be similar to my life now. I would try to do the same things, but I think I would daydream a lot more. If the rest of the world stayed the same size, then I know I would daydream a lot more. I would probably still be at Avalon because it's so easy to adapt life at Avalon to my individual needs. But that would only be if I ever left the house. I think I would be self-conscious if I was six inches tall and the rest of the world was arone five or six feet. Wait... I KNOW I would be self-conscious. I imagine that my voice would seem tiny, and I probably wouldn't be as talkative as I am now. I would probablys still love to read, even though most books would be bigger than me. I would love to daydream, and I would probably want to be a scientist and figure out how to either grow a LOT bigger, or shrink everyone else down to my size.

If I was six inches tall and the rest of the world was also, then life would probably be exactly the same. Everything we have now would be scaled down to sizes that worked for the six inch tall people. But it wouldn't even have been invented for big people, it would just be invented tiny.

If I was six inches tall and had wings, then I would be a faerie! Yay! If I was a faerie, I would want to know lots of other faeries, but probably also some humans. I think I would be either a helpful faerie or a nice, but mischevious faerie. I would love people, but I do have that mischevious nature that would be fun. I would love hiding from people, but I do that already. I would love to be a faerie, no matter what.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Otherkin is a term for people who believe that while their bodies are human, their souls are not. Some believe that their souls are that of another animal, while others believe that their souls are that of mythical creatures. Coming to the realization that one's soul is non-human, is known as an awakening.

Otherkin (noun): A subculture of people who claim or believe that their souls are non-human

An otherkin's true form is the form that their soul takes. Their forms can be Elves, Faeries, Vampires, Fox, Lions, Phoenixes, ...even Dragons! True forms can be anything. For otherkin, they just happen to be non-human.

The Seven Roads of Faery

The Seven Roads of Faery are symbolized by the septagram, or Faery Star.

Each point has a meaning in the Elven/Faery tradition. The different points are the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit.

The Sun is for fire: heat and passion. The sun is such a strong force that can also symbolize creation, and the coming together of elements to create life. There are so many symbols associated with the sun, including life, energy, fertility, and power. The Sun is good and powerful... but, like all things, there is a negative side as well. Heat can easily become overwhelming and deadly. Too much heat can bring about drought, fever, and even cancer.

The Forest is held near and dear to the hearts of Elves and Faeries. Most Elves and Faeries feel a deep connection with the forest; trees are considered family. Looking closely, trees and leaves may reveal their secrets and show the power of the forest. The forest holds the power of the earth.

The Sea is also held near and dear by Elves and Faeries. Sometimes they fear it, however, forgetting and, at the same time, remembering that the sea is a very powerful force.

Magick is an integral part of life. Sometimes it has many names, but it is always there. Magick comes in many forms, such as music, nature, birth, silence, and prayer.

The Moon is often referred to as the opposite of the sun. While the sun represents heat, the moon represents satisfaction. It also affects life in ways like affecting the tide and lighting the night. Without the moon, life as it is now would be very different.

The Wind, and air in general, have a profound effect on all life. It provides animals with the oxygen to breathe. The wind can also be equated to breath. The wind is important because without wind, life would not be possible.

Spirit is also an integral part of life. It cannot be seen, but spirit is everythere. Elves and Faeries have the knowledge to converse with the spirits of many elements in nature. It must not be forgotten, though, that while a Spirit can seem weak or transparent, it is very important and is very strong. Spirit provides Elves, Faeries, and Humans alike, with a connection to all things.