Friday, September 4, 2009

If I Was Six Inches Tall...

This is a journal I wrote for school in 9th grade. It has a LITTLE bit to do with faeries, so I thought I'd post it.
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If I was only six inches tall, life would probably be similar to my life now. I would try to do the same things, but I think I would daydream a lot more. If the rest of the world stayed the same size, then I know I would daydream a lot more. I would probably still be at Avalon because it's so easy to adapt life at Avalon to my individual needs. But that would only be if I ever left the house. I think I would be self-conscious if I was six inches tall and the rest of the world was arone five or six feet. Wait... I KNOW I would be self-conscious. I imagine that my voice would seem tiny, and I probably wouldn't be as talkative as I am now. I would probablys still love to read, even though most books would be bigger than me. I would love to daydream, and I would probably want to be a scientist and figure out how to either grow a LOT bigger, or shrink everyone else down to my size.

If I was six inches tall and the rest of the world was also, then life would probably be exactly the same. Everything we have now would be scaled down to sizes that worked for the six inch tall people. But it wouldn't even have been invented for big people, it would just be invented tiny.

If I was six inches tall and had wings, then I would be a faerie! Yay! If I was a faerie, I would want to know lots of other faeries, but probably also some humans. I think I would be either a helpful faerie or a nice, but mischevious faerie. I would love people, but I do have that mischevious nature that would be fun. I would love hiding from people, but I do that already. I would love to be a faerie, no matter what.

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