Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Seven Roads of Faery

The Seven Roads of Faery are symbolized by the septagram, or Faery Star.

Each point has a meaning in the Elven/Faery tradition. The different points are the Sun, the Forest, the Sea, Magick, the Moon, the Wind, and Spirit.

The Sun is for fire: heat and passion. The sun is such a strong force that can also symbolize creation, and the coming together of elements to create life. There are so many symbols associated with the sun, including life, energy, fertility, and power. The Sun is good and powerful... but, like all things, there is a negative side as well. Heat can easily become overwhelming and deadly. Too much heat can bring about drought, fever, and even cancer.

The Forest is held near and dear to the hearts of Elves and Faeries. Most Elves and Faeries feel a deep connection with the forest; trees are considered family. Looking closely, trees and leaves may reveal their secrets and show the power of the forest. The forest holds the power of the earth.

The Sea is also held near and dear by Elves and Faeries. Sometimes they fear it, however, forgetting and, at the same time, remembering that the sea is a very powerful force.

Magick is an integral part of life. Sometimes it has many names, but it is always there. Magick comes in many forms, such as music, nature, birth, silence, and prayer.

The Moon is often referred to as the opposite of the sun. While the sun represents heat, the moon represents satisfaction. It also affects life in ways like affecting the tide and lighting the night. Without the moon, life as it is now would be very different.

The Wind, and air in general, have a profound effect on all life. It provides animals with the oxygen to breathe. The wind can also be equated to breath. The wind is important because without wind, life would not be possible.

Spirit is also an integral part of life. It cannot be seen, but spirit is everythere. Elves and Faeries have the knowledge to converse with the spirits of many elements in nature. It must not be forgotten, though, that while a Spirit can seem weak or transparent, it is very important and is very strong. Spirit provides Elves, Faeries, and Humans alike, with a connection to all things.

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